No Ctrl Z

My first entrepreneurial project, which helped people with disordered eating.

Highlights from this project:

  • A 65-page, hand-illustrated Ultimate Guide To Stop Binge Eating For Good

  • Creating my own podcast (and appearing on other podcasts)

  • Plenty of articles (+ guest posts on other sites)

  • Creating and launching a successful online course to my list (with email sequence & sales page)

  • Gaining and mentoring one-on-one clients.

Basically everything from content creation, copywriting, marketing, sales, and generally running a business!


Digital, oil, pastel, sketches. I've been an artist all my life, but never seem to do enough of it.

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Fiction Writing & Poetry

I've always loved language. I dabble in short stories, poetry, and I once wrote an entire novel (which, I'm told, is legitimately good!).

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I've taken sports pretty seriously in my life. As well as badminton, bodyweight training, and climbing in dangerous and far away places, I've done competitive karate, powerlifting and weightlifting.

These days I do calisthenics and gymnastics. Sometimes, I attempt to dance.

I used to call it "serious training", but now I call it playing and movement.

You can follow this movement on Instagram, or watch a few videos here.

Oh yeah, and once upon a time, I also made music.